Meet Janelle

Janelle Perez has spent her life working on behalf of others.

The daughter of Cuban exiles who fled Castro’s communist dictatorship and became successful entrepreneurs, she is an advocate, policymaker, and small business owner.

Born and raised in Miami, Janelle knows what the South Florida community needs. Growing up Janelle has lived in West Kendall, Kendall, Miami Beach and Pinecrest. She has seen the growth of our community over the years. From spending hours in traffic, to having to find alternative routes due to flooding, and watching our beautiful beaches erode due to rising sea levels, Janelle has lived it.

After graduating from Florida International University, Janelle moved to Washington, D.C. and began her career on Capitol Hill, honing her policy analysis skills. During her time in Washington, Janelle also focused on helping those in need. She volunteered at a non-profit, where she worked with low-income immigrants by helping them improve their basic Spanish literacy skills in their native language. While seeking her Master’s Degree from The Johns Hopkins University, Janelle worked for a non-profit where she led the educational and advocacy activities to support federal funding for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria, the world’s largest public health financier. Her time in Washington, D.C. gave her the experience on how to get things done.

At the age of 28, Janelle was diagnosed with Stage IV Follicular Lymphoma, an aggressive cancer. After her diagnosis, Janelle moved to Miami in order to prioritize her health and start a family with her wife, Monica. Today, she is one of the owners of a Hispanic-owned and family-owned Medicare company in Miami-Dade County. It is one of Florida’s fastest growing Medicare companies, providing affordable, high-quality medical services to Medicare beneficiaries in the county.

As a mother, first-generation American, and businesswoman, Janelle is running for State Senate to fight for opportunities for every child and family. Her personal experience battling illness and professional experience as an advocate and business owner has deepened her commitment to ensuring every Floridian has access to affordable, high-quality healthcare. In Florida’s State Senate, she’ll use her keen understanding of government and unyielding commitment to compassionate leadership to improve access to healthcare, protect our environment, and support our small businesses.

A graduate of Florida International University and The Johns Hopkins University, Janelle currently lives in Pinecrest with her wife and daughter.